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A sample of how Spark’s heat-testing methodology has validated strategy
For a legacy media brand: Created strawman strategies for repackaging extensive content to attract younger, more diverse audiences. Developed ad campaigns to represent each strategy and variations in positioning. Tested with four audiences. Validated demand by audience via conversion to subscription.
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For a leading bank: Developed four new personal finance concepts that met strategic criteria for growth. Created identity for each concept to support distinct value propositions. Validated demand for products with young consumers in select geographies.
For a women’s fashion brand: Explored new business models to appeal to younger customers. Developed four new brand concepts. Deployed multivariate testing to test each brand concept with two positions. Identified winning brand concept.
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For a leading education company: Tested multiple positions to find product-market fit for a new education product for adults.
For a Fortune 250 insurance company: Developed multiple launch strategies for a new insurance product. Brought strategies to life with distinct branding and positioning. Tested with three discrete audiences. Generated leads for winning concept with financially savvy audience target.
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For a brand new app: Created launch strategy components for testing. Used heat-testing to identify first best customers and to prioritize features for development. Achieved attractive per-app download cost.
For a non-profit media company: Developed strategies for launch of new membership product. Created multiple positions; tested in owned and paid channels. Iterated to lock sustainable customer acquisition model.
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For a legacy home repair provider: Developed multiple new branding strategies. Tested vs. control with three discrete audiences of younger potential customers. Achieved cost per lead consistent with target economics.
For a brand new beverage brand: Developed and tested multiple brand positions and identified multiple audiences with distinct demographics and affinities. Rebranded newly redefined product.
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For a large media organization: Developed 10 new product concepts using existing content. Heat-tested each concept, identified winners, iterated to optimize features and positioning. Supported launch of two concepts; operated one concept.
For an online options trading platform: Developed growth strategies. Created multiple creative strategies for reaching new audiences. Tested strategies on three ad platforms and optimized new customer acquisition approach.
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For a media company: Developed three new digital product strategies based on existing content. Created branding for each product concept. Developed two positions per concept for testing. Validated notable level of demand for winning concept.
For a startup serving entrepreneurs: Tested three distinct positions for new app with three discrete target audiences. Validated demand. Identified product-market fit. Designed new website aligned to winning positioning.
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For a beloved luxury brand: Developed, tested, and optimized messaging strategies. Validated US market demand. Achieved viable customer acquisition cost.
For a college admissions advisor: Developed and tested three ways of positioning brand with three discrete audiences. Repositioned company branding based on learnings. Created inaugural customer acquisition funnel using paid ads.
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