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Grow better.
Test your
strategy first.

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Where growth strategy gets stuck:

Too risky: no proof it will work
Too narrow: market too small
Too broad: doesn’t find traction
Too slow: competitors get there first

The solution: Heat-testing.

It’s fast.
It’s multivariate.
It delivers proof about what works.

Big growth opportunities can feel...




Develop strategies based on data not intuition
Test (before the thing is real)

Iterate (based on consumer behavior)

Optimize (hone your launch strategy)
Predictive insights in just a few weeks
Chart showing three strategies, A, B, and C
How Spark’s proprietary heat-testing works:
  • Brings multiple distinct strategies to life online
  • Uses ads to live-test each strategy with target audiences
  • Finds the best match between strategy and audience
  • Makes decisions based on real-life behavioral data, not intuition
The result:

A heat map that shows which strategies will work.
Heat map showing areas of interest indicating product market fit.
Spark’s innovative heat-testing method is taught at Harvard Business School and featured in the Harvard Business Review.
Heather at HBS with professor

What we deliver: vetted strategy

box with lightbulb

Product that will sell

customers with a heart

People who will buy it

bar chart with flag

Campaigns that attract them

paper presentation with charts

A business that grows

The Spark No. 9 approach:

F1 racing car
Like your pit crew:
fast, behind-the-scenes, relentless.
Acoustic guitar
the Antonoff to your Swift, bringing your strategic vision to life.
Hand rotating Rubik's cube
testing multiple combinations to find the right match.

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