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Test growth strategies in parallel.
Match positioning to audience.
Explore and validate new directions.
Spark No. 9  - Next Gen Market Research
Multivariate testing to
find product-market fit
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Our method is rooted in
the scientific method


we Find your product’s first best customers—and the targeting, messaging, and product strategy that works to convert them—by testing multiple strategies in parallel.
How do I confirm
my hypotheses?
Spark No. 9 Consumer Insights Company


Will your growth strategy work? How can you be sure, before launch, that customers want your product?


Traditional market research tools like surveys, focus groups, and customer interviews are not reliable predictors of behavior.
SmokeComputerSpark No.9 Consumer Behavior Specialists
Spark No. 9 Strategy Validation


Using real ads—and how your customers interact with them—as market research to validate demand for your new product in real time.
We're a team of dedicated strategists, data experts, and designers.
This is us!
Meet your matchmakers:
the team that finds your product’s first best customers—and the targeting, messaging, and product strategy that work to convert them—by testing multiple strategies in parallel.


We work with innovators of all sizes who constantly generate big new product ideas, collaborating to reduce risks associated with brand-building, product positioning, and launch marketing.

We value our client's confidentiality

Spark No. 9 works behind the scenes for our clients, helping validate demand for new products and brands. To make sure these projects remain top-secret until the world is ready for them, we do not publicly release client information. Please contact us at hello@sparkno9.com to learn more about our projects or request a reference.

In the meantime, get a sneak peek of what we do with a sample case study from Casey, on an ongoing Lab 9 creation that highlights how we use our methodology to develop new products.
view CASEY
Spark No. 9 case study
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