October 25, 2017

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Harnessing The Hype Beast

Trendiness is often looked down upon. We praise the style-makers and iconoclasts, the people who see around corners, the founders and inventors.
But where would all of those trend-setters be without followers to validate their trend? Whether it’s cat memes or electric cars, success these days is judged by numbers.
When we launch something new, we count on trends to give us a boost. Say, for example, we were launching a new curated offering of office products targeted at small- and medium-sized businesses. Our first stop in developing possible brand positions is Google Trends.
What product or brand association will make our offering resonate with potential new customers? While Moleskine might seem like the hot office product of the moment, in reality it’s been hanging out in popularity with “filing cabinet” for years. Instead, our lead might be the more pedestrian “Sharpie,” consistently the subject of many a search.

Put a Price on It

As we know from Mean Girls, it’s hard to keep up with what’s popular. Fortunately, there is an easy way to calibrate the popularity of your interests every time you search for something on Google. Keywords Everywhere delivers the search volume and cost per click of any search term right next to your search box.
Enter "sharpie," for instance, and know immediately that 33,100 others search the same term each month. And if you care to place an ad against that keyword, that'll run you 83 cents a click.Best of all, Keywords Everywhere is a free browser add-on to Firefox or Chrome.
No hassle, no guesswork, just a constant reminder of your value to advertisers. Search complete. 

Take a Tip, Take a Tip, Take a T-t-tip from Me

Want to try using Google Trends for research? Take some tips from the pros. Two researchers from the Pew Research Center help break down what we need to do to use Google Trends effectively. Six key points, ten-minute read.

Google Trends for Prediction & Profit: Crystal Ball Edition

An entire industry sector has sprung up around using Google Trends to predict shifts in Bitcoin valuation, but does Google Trends have other Delphic moves? Bring your statistical modeling software and see…
First stop, the stock market. Some economists recently showed that Google trends may be useful in predicting rises and falls in the stock market based on search volume for certain search terms. This is a striking development because just a few years ago, these same economists thought the exact opposite. Points for persistence.
And there’s a good, data-driven reason for their change of heart: Google Trends now collects more data than ever and processes it in real time, making it the most accurate overview of trends to date. Time to revisit the flu prediction model?

Advanced Course: Google Trend Arcana on Reddit

Ready to dive deep into one of the darker corners of the internet to up your trend game? There’s only one place to learn about interest in Bollywood, impeachment and cuckolds…
See you on Reddit.

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