November 15, 2018

All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

Did anyone remind you to vote? Your spouse? Your mom? How about Demi Lovato?

In case you missed it, brands and celebs got out the vote. Big time. Why should you care? Here are some possibilities:

A. Corporations and celebrities care about civic duty because it helps create stable business environments. You are a businessperson and therefore supportive of their efforts.
B. Marketing tactics have evolved, and GOTV appeals are state-of-the-art brand-building worthy of study. By linking brand and civic responsibility, companies build deep ties to customers. That seems useful. You are taking notes.
C. Brands and celebs actually care about the future of our country. You care about the future of our country, too, so you hope they did a bang-up job with GOTV.

Whichever it is, we are sure you are curious about who did it best. Our picks below.

Give Me a V!

Which brands got on board? Let’s just say this was not a localized trend. In fact, it’s a long list of GOTV cheerleaders that includes: five brands whose names start with “blue,” Walmart, 13 companies with the word “outfitters” in their names, and Sonos, Somos, and Sophos. Want more detail? WWD had a great rundown of major brands and their motivations.


Of course, there is not much point to GOTV unless it works. By all accounts, 2018 voter turnout was up, but votes were still rolling in this week, so stay tuned for final tallies.

But what are the biggest drivers of voting behavior? Is it Taylor Swift? A tweet from Lucky Charms? Or is it you telling your best friend from high school to get to the polls? The Institution for Social and Policy Studies has some answers: it is tl;dr, but they have some handy takeaways in bold for the time-pressed.

Rock The Vote

We wish there were a way to measure which brand or celeb had the biggest impact on voting, because we sure would like to give them some props. Wired put out a list of best and worst GOTV entreaties, which is a good place to start. So in the absence of data, we are sharing our personal favorite: Dwayne Johnson putting Kevin Hart in his place (#15). You can’t unsee this.

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