October 18, 2018

We're Getting Emotional With Data

Emotional connection. By many accounts, it is the ne plus ultra of branding, the single best driver of brand loyalty and, by association, sales.

Can you measure brand love?
There are brand-builders who believe that creating emotional connection with a target audience means eschewing data. Au contraire, mes amis. Your own love for your brand strategy is not enough. You need to prove that your target customers feel the same. And the best way to do that, of course, is to test the one you love against other suitors…In Sparkland, every project is a game show of eligible brand positions courting segments of target market darlings.

In our work with values-based brand-building, we design and test brand positions to find what resonates initially with a target audience. But that’s really just the beginning. The hard work is ahead: building on that first flicker of emotional engagement to a long-term relationship. This means measuring again and again to find the drivers of engagement—the best we can do to track emotion at scale—for the long haul.

Read on for some of the latest developments in "emotional data."

Add a Little Sugar

Wondering what emotions drive connection with brands? Alan Zorfas and Daniel Leeman have a handy chart of the top ten big feels that affect customer value. They also explain how to imbue your entire customer experience with touchpoints that build an emotional connection with customers. This must be why humanities majors are in demand again.

Ever Feel Emotionally Manipulated?

Whose branded content elicits a lot of emotion on social media? You may be surprised to see who is best at pushing your buttons

You Make My Heart Go Pitty-Pat

Pretty soon, the data won’t just measure the feelings of your target customer—it will act on them. This post explains how big data will help manage your emotions. One example: let’s say you are driving a little aggressively. Your car “notices” and responds with some mellow tunes to help you chill out. How do you feel now? (And how do you feel about your car?)

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