November 7, 2017

Six On The Brain

Looking for a new tech-driven craze to fill out your to-do list? Microvideo is here, and it’s the latest marketing must-have, especially for social media. 
Forget all those long hypnotic Tasty videos. An explosion of shorties is taking place—videos that are under ten seconds and designed for strong visual impact. Thanks to YouTube’s introduction of six-second bumper ads last year, big brands are repurposing all sorts of assets to create battalions of mini-vids that are now invading your social feeds, too.
There is a fair amount of research suggesting the eye is attracted to things that move, and clearly marketers have gotten the message. We already know where this bandwagon is heading. See for yourself on this handy leaderboard of six-second, um, bumper masterpieces.
Still, it’s fun to tell a story—or be told one—in six seconds of moving images. Why six secondsBlame the now-defunct Vine, who condemned us to an eternity of looping leaping cats. Also blame Facebook and anyone else who counts three seconds as a “view.” 
Side note: there are some great providers of microvideo who, for a fee, will ingest your assets and spit out lots of six-second gems.
Email us if you need a rec.

Thanks, Snap!

Hmm…our Instagram feed does look a lot different than a year ago. That’s because of the stealth invasion of video content everywhere online. One projection suggests that by 2019, a remarkable 85% of US searches will be driven by video content. 
Take a look at some of the American Marketing Association data that documents the shift in both spending on video and the associated ad views on social media. We’re so grateful for the AMA's thoughtful analysis by social media channel that we’ll even forgive them for the pie charts.
The big takeaway: keep it short and sweet.

Short-Form Video, Center Stage

Watching big companies wrestle with the latest digital shift is usually excruciating. It probably was at Hearst, too, but Troy Young, president of Hearst Digital Media, makes it sound pretty easy.
Frankly, Young sounds so smart and pragmatic about the future of print that we paid extra attention to his views on video and how video is likely to contribute to emerging media models at scale. He throws out some intriguing concepts like "service video" and consumer control over production and editing that he believes will fuel video-driven media consumption in a consolidating environment. Worth a read for tips on serving the "modern consumer" with short videos and other bite-sized content.

Six Sells

Need a lot of short videos? Reduce, recycle, reuse.
Take Clinique, who repurposed print ads into perfect, six second videos. Video ads are expensive, so Clinique leveraged print to generate lots of short content on a shoestring budget.
Now, Clinique is rethinking print altogether: by keeping video in mind from the get-go, print ad designers help the cosmetics brand get more bang for the buck. Beautiful.

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