May 17, 2018

Which Is Harder: Naming Your Business or Naming Your Baby?

You have come up with a brilliant new business concept. You've pulled together your pitch and you are ready to approach friends and family/present it to Corporate/pitch every VC in town.
But the first reaction you receive after your practice pitch to your spouse/best friend/mentor is emphatic: “Solid pitch. But that name has to go!
We love coming up with new product and business names, but there is no question that it is a hard task with a repeating refrain (“Ergh! All of the good names are taken!”). Still, we have invented some gems over the years (faves: The Lineup, Jumo Health, The Portalist, and Catface the News).
If you need a name, put some of the tools below to work. Or call us for a brainstorm!

The Name Matters

How do you know your hot new business name is really as original as you thought? Naming Matters is an  app that not only indicates whether the domain is available, but also makes sure that your new name won’t be confused with those of other brands. Goodbye, pricey legal team! 

Stick It

The availability of a brand name is just the first test. We recommend putting your new moniker through the wringer to see if it lives up to these five common-sense characteristics of great brand names.

In This Episode...

Stuck with a lemon of a name? The founder of PolicyGenius is here to help. She and her team developed a focused, step-by-step action plan for their name change. Listen to her explain the process here.

Worst Names, Retro Edition

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