April 6, 2018

How #MeToo Impacts Marketing

There’s a fine line between capturing a cultural moment and exploiting social issues for financial gain. Exhibit A: International Women’s Day. Whether you are running a restaurant or a rodeo, #metoo has created both marketing challenges and opportunities. We share a few thought-provoking instances below.

The Power of Productizing

The travel industry has a history of coming up short when serving women. From better safety to more hair dryers, however, recent progress is real. Also real—sometimes extra-real—is adventure travel for women, often with added social and environmental awareness. National Geographic recently highlighted a plethora of incredibly cool and rugged all-women adventure trips that span a range of ages, ability, and location. What they all have in common? Sisterhood, adventure, and a decreased likelihood of facing #metoo-related issues while traveling.

Blind Date

While #MeToo is about having women’s voices heard, some women and men prefer to avoid the unpleasant, troll-like rejoinders to public commentary that occur too often. Enter Blind, an app made for tech workers in Silicon Valley that allows them to post their workplace complaints and HR troubles anonymously. Sexual harassment is one of the main complaints, and Blind has recently created a separate section for #MeToo stories to respond to growing demand. 

Out of the Frying Pan

Routine verbal and sometimes physical abuse from head chefs has often been perceived as an inevitable part of a kitchen’s stressful environment. But increased publicity around sexual harassment and other issues is having a ripple effect. Restaurant critic Helen Rosner delves into the moral dilemmas surrounding reviewing restaurants associated with alleged abusers. If you disavow the chef, do you risk ruining the livelihood of staff and others? Suddenly that review is leaving a bitter taste...


Confidence comes in all forms, and within this #MeToo era, it's especially important for young women to find their voices and embrace their true selves. Instagram has partnered with GMA and Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, the authors of The Confidence Code for Girls in an effort to fight back against the unrealistic expectations of Social Media. The campaign encourages girls to post photos of their true, most confident selves. You won't want to miss these five inspiring young women

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