November 29, 2018

How Gifted Are You?

What makes a good gift? At Spark, it better be well-designed and produce data. Here are a few we are hoping you find in your mailbox/stocking/inbox this holiday season.

Just Whistle

Do you own a flawed pet? Does Rex leave the leash and take off for Grandma’s house? Does Zelda insist on traveling by stroller—to the detriment of her waistline? Then we hope you will receive the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor in your gift inbox this holiday season. Worn as a collar, it is perfect for runaway animals: the accompanying app offers nationwide GPS for Rovers who rove. And it also helps track your pet’s activity levels, with a Fitbit-style dashboard to motivate you and your friend to head to the dog run when it’s been a slow day…

Tell Me More

We’re suckers for anything that helps us improve targeting, so we are excited about two new card games that help you learn more about others. Questions & Empathy helps you categorize loved ones or co-workers as seekers, conveners, alchemists, and other archetypes based on their empathic exchanges. Vertellis poses questions that jog memories and generate stories among friends and family members. Deal us in…

So Hot You're Cool So Cool You're Hot

Ever feel like you’re freezing when everyone else is stripped down to their skivvies? If so, put the Embr Wave at the top of your holiday wish list. The Wave is a personal thermostat that cools you down or warms you up at the touch of a button. Worn on your wrist, where your skin is “thermally sensitive,” the device provides heating or cooling that can be personalized and tracked on a companion app so you can see your temperature situation over time.

Data Dearest

One of our favorite data-meets-art projects ever was Dear Data, an original postcard exchange between two data visualizers that took place via snail mail (obvs) but came to life on social media. One of the Dear Data artists, Stefanie Posavec, continues to use data as the raw material for her art, and her new series translates literature—Kerouac’s On the Road—into gorgeous wordless visualizations like “Sentence Length” that you can purchase in poster formats.

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