December 21, 2017


If you read our last newsletter, you know that we are focused on escaping our echo chambers. And since it is the time of year when our minds turn to resolutions, we decided to do something about it.
It’s time to blast out, people.
Grab your hammer and chisel, your blowtorch and your battering ram, and get to work. 
Below you'll find some practical chamber-busting solutions, many of which center on the increasingly lost art of human-to-human conversation.


Want to have a real conversation? Channel your inner Mr. Rogers. The wholesome goodness that was Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood was ostensibly about the man and his town, but really it was a model for productive human interaction. We can feel you rolling your eyes but, trust us, the iconic show is still relevant today. Enjoy this quick visual story from will make you feel better.

Had Enough?

Let's compare our relationship with technology to real-life romance. Kind of scary, huh? As with a new love, it’s easy to dispense with other commitments to spend more time alone with your smartphone. Feel like you need a break? Read this ode to analog—on your smartphone, if you must—and see if it inspires a full-on Mr. Rogers moment.


Want to escape your echo chamber? Surprisingly, Buzzfeed, that creator of internet cul-de-sacs composed entirely of cats and listicles, has done the research on how to remake your social media feed. They offer a few tips about how to venture into unfamiliar internet neighborhoods. Go forth and wander! 

Let's Have Dinner

Political gulfs, tectonic shifts, vicious mudslinging, polarization. We are swimming in a weird geology of culture and opinion on a scale that can feel overwhelming.So let's eat.Living Room Conversations helps people engage in structured, polite, and meaningful conversations about topics on which they disagree. Its kindred spirit, The People’s Supper,  assembles a diverse group of people for supper together. Forget swallowing another bite of dry turkey to avoid throwing it at your ignorant relative; instead, build conversation without controversy. And pass the butter while you're at it.

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