May 14, 2019

All Of The Good Ones Are Taken

What’s the worst new product or business name you’ve come across lately? For every Brandless and Ollie, there’s a doozie like Be Best. Finding a good name is hard, right?

Indeed. While the law caught up to the cybersquatting (aka domain squatting) that plagued the early days of the web, domain name landgrabbing is alive and well, and there are more than a few sites devoted to “domain name investing” as an alternative asset class.

Constraints, however, can drive creativity, and, besides, we like a good challenge. So we had a grand old time coming up with possible names for a new business concept. What do you think?

Rent-the-Runway Meets Luggage

We are testing a new business concept here at Spark No.9. That’s not unusual, of course, but this one happens to be an in-house concept, 100% Spark. The general idea: the sharing economy applied to luggage.

Maybe you live in a teeny apartment and only have room under your bed for a small smooshy duffel but a two-week vacation planned in, um, Oslo in January. Bring sweaters!

Or maybe you’re dreading running into your ex at an upcoming destination wedding and want to rock a hot Louis Vuitton valise that you can’t actually afford.

Or maybe you’re going camping. It’s not your jam, so the last thing you want to do is invest in a giant backpack.

Our new concept, ______, has just the thing. You can rent the perfect piece of luggage for your trip and return it when you get home.

OK, that’s the concept. Now for the name.

The Contenders

We would like to say that we have a proprietary name-generation process that produces gem after gem, making it nearly impossible to choose among all the great possibilities.

In fact, our process includes post-its, rap name generators, the occasional good night’s sleep, and But it works!
Help Us Decide!
What think you? Vote and tell us which one of the four candidates you like best:
1. Casey

2. Luggable

3. Trippy

4. Vamoose
(And yes, we know that these names are not available in easy form, but we have a plan…)
THANK YOU! We will report the results next newsletter…

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