September 25, 2018

MySpace, Mentors, and Mercury in Retrograde

Have you ever worked with someone who’s creative, analytical, reflective, and forward-thinking at the same time? We have. Meet Amanda Jaquin, a member of our design team and all-around insightful part of what makes the Spark method work. She loves Sponge Bob. We love her.

Her school days sound more fun than most

Amidst a sea of snow, humans, zombies and LARPers—I studied at a brick castle in Western New York called Rochester Institute of Technology. Besides the education, friends, and other collegiate activities, one of the most notable memories I have is of a little fella named Long Cat—for sure the longest cat I have ever laid eyes upon.

Lots of (cool) things impacted her career path

I like to attribute my decision to major in Graphic Design to many sources. Recipe is as follows:
  • First you’ll need to download 1 bootleg copy of Photoshop as prescribed by a friend in middle school
  • Add 2/3 cup of Myspace (RIP) layout designing
  • Sprinkle in some fanfic collages made for strangers on the InTeRwEbs~
  • Throw in at least 1 random friend already in the Design program
  • Mix all of that with 1 hearty cup of indecision and impulsivity and you’ll get yourself a fancy degree #art

She's got really good advice

Realizing that you don’t have to have such a siloed and linear career trajectory. Having the opportunity to be a part of various aspects of how a business grows and develops besides the pixel pushing has been super rewarding. Pro Tip: Get yourself a good mentor, it helps.

She's out of this world

Currently I am a sucker for anything zodiac (#scorpio) or tarot related. Couldn’t care less if it’s fake—it’s fun. Plus, Mercury being in retrograde makes a great scapegoat for any of your more questionable decisions.

She's just getting started

Future goals? Let’s make a list—people love lists, right?
  • Write and illustrate a children’s book of some sort
  • Figure out what my favorite burger in NYC is
  • Pet at least three new dogs a week
  • Not worry too much about the future
  • Remember that I made this list

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